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  • N°19 | International
    Felix Baumgartner's jump from the stratosphere
    confirmed that Red Bull can truly give you wings!
    October 2012
    N°18 | USA

    The Statue of Liberty will remain closed
    as post-Hurricane Sandy repairs continue.

    October 2012
    N°17 | Asia

    Who claims what?
    Japan and China disputes over the Senkaku islands.
    November 2012
    N°16 | USA

    Neil Armstrong, the American astronaut who made
    "one giant leap for mankind" when he became the first man
    to walk on the moon, died at the age of 82.
    August 2012
    N°15 | United Kingdom

    UK pubs get full as the London Summer Olympics begin.
    Jully 2012
    N°14 | China

    After several accounts of Zombie behaviour in the USA
    a man in Wenzhou, China, is accused of attacking a woman
    and biting her in the face.
    Jully 2012
    N°13 | France

    François Hollande is the 7th president
    of the 5th republic of France.

    May 2012
    N°12 | International

    "Kony 2012" campaign released a viral video which aims to arrest
    the Ugandan guerilla group leader Joseph Kony. As criticism surfaces,
    it is now becoming the fastest-spreading viral video in history.
    March 2012
    N°11 | USA

    Whitney Houston, who reigned as pop music's queen has died at 48.
    Febuary 2012
    N°10 | Iran

    U.N. nuclear inspectors visits Tehran to meet Iranian nuclear scientists
    and visit a key military facility as they try to gauge allegations that
    Iran is pushing towards making atomic weapons.
    Febuary 2012
  • N°9 | USA

    Wall Street "likes" Mark Zuckerberg
    since Facebook opened shares to the public.

    Febuary 2012
    N°8 | Eastern Europe

    Falling temperatures
    and heavy snowfalls across Eastern Europe
    have left more than 60 people dead.
    Febuary 2012
    N°7 | USA

    President Obama delivers the State of the Union Address
    in which he repports on the condition of the nation but also outlines
    his legislative agenda and his national priorities..
    January 2012
    N°6 | International

    Anonymous strikes over Megaupload takedown.
    January 2012
    N°5 | Italy

    Costa Concordia captain claims he tripped
    and fell from sinking ship to lifeboat.
    January 2012
    N°4 | Europe

    Downgrading Europe.
    January 2012
    N°3 | Syria

    Syrian death toll rises as street action surges.
    January 2012
    N°2 | Iraq-Usa

    Barack Obama marks end of war in Iraq.
    December 2011
    N°1 | North Korea

    Kim Jong-Il son declared "supreme leader"
    of North Korea's people.

    December 2011
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