Glitch Identity

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  • Dear friends!

    We have developed the identity for a very interesting project.
    SGTRK Media-LAB (Media Lab SGTRK) - a strategic partnership of representatives of culture, production, design and advertising, united on the basis of the largest in the
    Urals audio-video studio. The main objectives of association - the creation of a new creative product at the intersection of culture and media, the introduction of innovative and meaningful interactions, communication patterns, changing modern media space, erasing conventional boundaries in a single indivisible cultural field, filling the cultural environment of benign content.
    Laboratory facilities are located within the STRC "Ural", which not so long ago called SGTRK - Sverdlovsk state TV and radio company. It was decided to keep the historical name, well known to Yekaterinburg, upgrading with the visual part. Concept of the "anomaly", developed by the Agency StreetArt, was the best. According to the designer, as a formal reception was decided to use analog glitch (scan-art). First, Ural Ekaterinburg and especially many consider anomalous place anomaly that just illustrates this Identity. Second, the glitch aesthetic is very practical, because for recreating it is necessary to possess a single skill - the inability to scan)))