Gilbey's Vodka

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  • The key to redesigning spirits involves many factors. Among these factors, the most important one is brand equity. In this project there are two divisions, consisting of an evolutionary redesign and a revolutionary redesign.

    For the evolutionary redesign, given a scale from one to ten, it should stand on a three. Customers should not be able to recognize the difference of the design in any way. On the other hand, the revolutionary redesign should stand on a ten where the whole design is changed, yet still keeping the entire brand equity and some main characteristics.

    The brand equity of Gilbey’s is tradition. It has been well established since 1857. Unlike many other newer brands, Gilbey’s uniquely stands out as a brand with a long successful history. Therefore, the design for Gilbey’s is leaning towards a historical look but keeping an elegance and class.
  • This project is a Gilbey's Vodka revolutionaryredesign. New bottle is used to enhance the brand equity. On a scale of1-10 for the difference, it should be at 10.