Ghost - Voelvens Forbandelse

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  • Client: Ghost VFX
    Production: Upper First
    Year: 2009

    VOELVENS FORBANDELSE  /  As a subcontractor to Ghost in Denmark, we did 4 VFX-shots for the danish film Vølvens Forbandelse. We were in charge of creating the entrance to a magic tunnel in which the two main characters travels between the future and the past. The work mainly consisted of matte paintings, but also some animation and dynamic simulations.
  • BEHIND THE SCENES  /  We started off by doing a 3D-model of the tunnel. This was matched up to the original plates, got some texturing and was rendered out as a still image for each shot. These renders were given some more detail in Photoshop by adding dirt textures, small rocks and the green glow effect. Finally the matte paintings were tracked and composited into the filmed plates.
    For the final shot we also did the closing of the magic tunnel. This included some dynamic simulation and hand animation of the rocks and dirt covering up the hole. Everything got shading and lighting to match the original plate. On top of this a few layers of simulated dust where added to further enhance the magic effect.