• Ghost Hunters Walking Tour App
    There are no ghosts without ghost stories.
  • Fans love the Ghost Hunters experience and are extremely vocal about it. Across Facebook and message boards they beg for hosts Jason and Grant to come to their home town to investigate.

    Inspired by the show, these fanatics are aware of the authentic devices, toolkits, and guidance available for their own local investigations. The Ghost Hunters application now enables these users to capture, create and enhance pre-existing ghost tours for others. The user generated content can then be leveraged by the show to create extended episodes and investigations.

    Where will you be able to find these stories? Paranormalregistry.org provides the official home of all documented paranormal accounts. The map is categorized by frequency of paranormal activity. Rollovers provide specifics of each account including name, photo, date of death and personal story. A message board accompanies the site for the community to gather and talk.