"Ghost Fink" Screen Print

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  • "Ghost Fink"
    6 Color
    Screen Print
    Signed & Numbered
    edition of 100
    This is a new piece of art created for the Blunt Fink show curated by Matt Dye of Blunt Graffix. The theme was to take an iconic pop culture movie and mix it with the style of "Big Daddy" Roth's - Rat Fink.
    It was nice to show people I have more range than what they're used to seeing. Sometimes that creative box we comfortably create for ourselves needs to be renovated and built upon. Permeets? We don' need no stinkin' permeets!
    It was fun to play with a few colors I barely ever use. It was also fun to "Fink Out" the Ghostbusters Logo. I was really honored to be invited into the show. Hope you guys dig it.
  • Detail #1 of the print at 100%
  • Detail #2 of the print at 100%
  • soft-proofing the art in photoshop
  • tried inking on vellum for the first time.
  • decided to "Fink Out" the GB logo
  • Laying down inks with a Winsor Newton #1 brish
  • Final pencils before i start inking the piece.