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    Conquering Ghent
  • A webapp, built just for Ghent (Belgium). How to play? Connect to Foursquare, check into places in Ghent and see how your clan fights the others on the map!

    During a contest "Apps for Ghent", Ghendetta was born. The challenge was to create an app that used different kinds of data sets, provided by the city Ghent. Hannes Van De Vreken and Jens Segers were my companions, that helped think of the concept Ghendetta. We only had a day to develop the game. I took on the job to create the identity and the website. Hannes and Jens where the code wizards that made this game actually work. We did a great job and got second place! After that, Xavier Bertels joined the team and started helping out with the design, user interface and user experience.

    People all over Ghent (over one thousand people!) are playing the game, checking and cheering for their clan. The Panthers, Snakes, Hawks and Wolves are battling for the regions right now! But we're still improving Ghendetta each day, to keep our players happy!

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