• Getxophoto Book

  • Getxophoto book design, in this fourth edition has been published in new format and hardcover. The titles are made with the font "paper chain type" that we created on paper and cut by hand along with the concept of "leisure", the theme of the festival in this edition of 2010.

    The magnificent work of the new curator Frank Kalero brings the works of renamed photographers as Martin Parr, James Mollison, Steve Schofield, Phil Toledano, Martin Schoeller, Naomi Harris, Robert Huber, Nadav Kander, Greg Miller, Anoek Steketee, Txema Salvans, Martin Kollar, Andreas Meichsner, Eduardo Arrillaga, Peter Dench and Mentalgassi.

    The book is currently for sale at the festival information points and in selected bookstores.