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A layer font i designed as a visual identity
Geplakt Typeface
'Geplakt' means 'Sticked on' in dutch and is a layer font i designed as a visual identity for the anarchistic collective Eurodusnie, a school project. I sketched with pieces of different colored semi-transparant tape in layers on top op each other, broke it down and created 3 'usable' styles with 3 decorative styles
The different styles
Easy to use layer font
Variations with colors gives unexpected results sometimes
The letterproof
Identity instructions
 Preprinted sheet, the message can be copied or printed in at will 
 'Wealth without poverty' poster
Baby card
For the birth of my friends (Marvin) second son i did the typography in Geplakt and illustrations in this stopmotion movie by Marek Maakt...
Made this or the birth of my friends (Marvin) first son, it was printed on a diper and send as a notification to familie and friends