Georgetown University Workforce and Education Reports

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  • What's It Worth? Report
    183-page data-intensive print publication
  • Woodpile Studios was contracted to layout and design the Center’s report on findings related to what different college majors (Bachelor’s) are worth in the labor market. The majority of work entailed producing over 200 charts and tables, as well as laying out text and overall book design. Woodpile Studios was tasked to ensure an appealing and professional look, and had to develop a color-coding means to help organize the abundance of information. In addition, the designers were required to submit several cover options from which the client selected a final for publication. We subsequently delivered a “pull-out” report of the Major groups as required by the Center for separate publication. All work was completed within a month, with final press coverage generated by the Center from The Washington Post, USA Today, and The Chronicle, also with coverage in Inside Higher Ed, Bloomberg, and AP.
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