George in the Gallery

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  • George in the Gallery

  •          "George in the Gallery" is part of  "The Book of George", a project initated by Hardcomics and "100 to watch", and funded by the Romanian ICR. Several illustrators and comics artists were asked to create a comic strip for this project. The only information about the main character -  George - was that he was a 33 year old man from Bucharest. Each illustrator was given a theme.
             For this project I collaborated with Diana Mesesan. I asked her to take some photos of the settings - Bucharest - and the main character. I used these photos in collages, which I then re-photographed, and drew over.

             George is returning to Bucharest after a long absence only to discover the city is deserted. A feeling of confusion is overtaking his mind, feeling in a dream-like state.  In the subway gallery he finds that all the inhabitants of the city are in a sort of coma. Giants are growing out of them, like tumors. The giants have taken over the city, feeding from it, and it's energy.
             Going back earlier that week, we can see how people were manipulated to go to the underground gallery, in a sort of state of hypnosis.
              Following the train tracks, George is leaving the city, in hope of finding remainders of humanity elsewhere.