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  • Gentleman Explorer
    A semester-long video game design project at OCADU in which we teamed up with University of Toronto Computer Science students to design and implement a fully-playable video game that was exhibited at the 2012 Level Up Student Video Game Design Showcase against 5 other schools in Ontario.

    For the event, I created the posters, business cards and game manuals, as well as the 3D display shown below.


    Gentleman Explorer is a puzzle-turned-adventure game, embodying the perfect marriage of classic 90's adventure games and intellectual puzzles. The player must embark on a quest to a faraway land, to return lost scrolls to their rightful owner in a snow covered mountain palace, all the while using nothing but their cunning and alchemical ability to overcome obstacles, navigate challenges, and thrive in a world where anything is possible.
  • Poster Design
  • Business Card Design
  •  Business Card front
  • Business Card back
  • 3D Display
  •  Our display with posters and business cards.

    Photo: Harrison Dahme
  • Photo: Harrison Dahme
  • The rest of the team:

    Abhishek Chaudhry (OCADU)

    3D Modelling, Textures, Voice Acting

    Harrison Dahme (U of T)
    Programming, Sound, UX

    Osman Haque (U of T)
    Programming, UX, Stage Director