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Design System Re-Brand for a non-profit organization.
Gentle Giants
Design System, Re-Branding
Gentle Giants Draft Horse Rescue is a non-profit organization located in Maryland. They rescue draft horses from abusive homes, auctions to slaughter houses and from the PMU Industry. Their goal is to rescue, rehabilitate, retrain and rehome these 'gentle giants'.
Being a rescuer of a PMU Draft myself, this project hit pretty close to my heart. The goal was to create a new design system around a re-designed logo.
Photography: Gail, from Studio West Design.
Original Logo
Logo Re-Design
The "Bit" decal in the center is a play on the dual "G" in the title Gentle Giants. The 'G's are mirrored to create an abstract full-cheek snaffle bit (known for its softness and confortability on a horses mouth).
Newsletter Cover
Mailer Piece (intended to be sent out to donors and sponsors)