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'Genius Loci' - choose a specific place and capture it's character/feeling.
System Typeface
A typeface designed for the 'Genius Loci' exhibition at Winchester school of art.
The 'Genius Loci' project required us to capture the essence/character of specific place. Our chosen place could be anywhere, I chose a building site nearby to my house. I was interested in the industrial processes that occurred on the site, and the efficient nature of the business itself.

Using the negative space in the bricks as a grid, I formulated a dot-matrix style typeface. Once I had created all of the characters, I then had to apply the typeface to a poster in order for it to be a part of the exhibition.
Above is the poster design for my typeface. The idea behind this is that the poster can be interacted with, the grid in the centre when printed has perforated outlines so that the shapes can be popped out. Allowing the user to create words following the full typeset at the bottom of the poster as a guide.

These are photos of my work whilst on display at the 'Genius Loci' exhibition. As well producing an A2 poster, I also designed the poster so that it folds down to A5 size. I did this so that people passing could remove it and unfold it to interact with the poster. This concept of interactivity, creation and the overall industrial aesthetic I feel captures the 'Genius Loci' of a building site.