General Mills – MLK Day 2013

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    General Mills - Martin Luther King Day Breakfast 2013
    Event Branding and Collateral Design
    Each year, General Mills hosts a breakfast in honor of MLK. For the 2013 event I had the opportunity to develop the event branding and design all of the deliverables while at Spunk Design Machine.
    The theme of the event was "Education: The Fierce Urgency of Now" and the client wanted to evoke progress and action in the work. This was achieved through the use of posterized graphics recalling civil rights imagery. Additionally, the pencils and Dr. King pointing into the distance provide forward motion and allude to the focus on the future of education.
    Event Poster
    This was the first piece designed and it informed the rest of the event materials. Actual size is 11"x17".
    Event Program
    The event program outlining the event schedule and providing some additional information on the keynote speakers.

  • Volunteer Commitment Card
    These folded cards were left at each guest's seat for them to fill out with their commitment to volunteer.
    Official letterhead used for event correspondence, including invitations. The client needed this to work for multiple uses, so the final deliverable was an editable Microsoft Word template that anyone in their office could access and edit.