• The piece is a minute long animated account which revisits the few moment before, during and after the bomb struck Hiroshima. At 8.15, the time of the blast, Kiyoko had just arrived in school. Her school was only one kilometer from ground zero. The bomb had a devastating effect, instantly destroying anything in its path. The piece attempts to visualise both Kiyoko's perspective from inside the school as well as the devastating effect on the outside. It is broken up by short statements from Kiyoko's account of the blast which are then visually represented through animation. Time is manipulated to emphasise both the destructive nature of the blast as well as Kiyoko's vivid memory of the moment which has haunted her for over 60 years.

    3D work in Cinema 4D. Colour correction/ compositing Adobe After Effects. Sound Ableton Live.

    Part of PG_02 Project - MA Moving Image Ravensbourne, London