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Mimobot booklet
Gary Baseman X Mimobot Booklet
art direction, design, layout 
This is a booklet I designed for the Gary Baseman x Mimobot designer USB flash drive packaging. This booklet was designed to create a temporary economical solution to combine the character booklet, warranty, and plastic label that went on top of the packaging until the new cardboard packaging was produced.

Mimobot flash drives are a line of collectible designer toy USB flash drives launched in 2005 by Mimoco, Inc. Designed by contemporary character artists, preloaded with original media content like music, video, animations, or games, and produced in limited runs of usually between 500 to 5,000 units, Mimobots merge the aesthetics of art toys with the functionality of USB flash drives. Their memory capacities range from 2GB to 16GB. The Mimobot line can be found at stores like the MoMA, Kidrobot, Giant Robot, Colette, and other lifestyle institutions worldwide.