• Gardenal Daily Gourmet
    This was one of the three proposals I’ve made for the launch of the new Gardenal food chain brand. Imagined as cheap gourmet restaurant / cafeteria where you can sit and eat but also take freshly prepared and packed food home, I used the letter “G” to make a stylized waiter hand*, and then I had a starting point for developing different variations that included various food concepts. Unfortunately, this logo wasn’t chosen by the client, but the good news is that it’s on sale, so if you like it and you are in the need for food related logo, please feel free to contact me.
    * I wanted to union their business finding connection with existing logo (picture of a existing logo provided below the proposals). So that, I suggested redesign of their existing logo for Zvona Catering, too.
  • Above: Proposal / Redesign of a Zvona Catering logotype
    Below: Existing logotype for Zvona catering (eng. Bell catering).
    Gardenal Daly Gourmet will be sub-brand of Zvona Catering , so that I wanted to union those two with waiters hand sign.