Game on the Principle of Sustainability - Degree 2012

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    Game on the Principle of Sustainability
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    Diploma - 2012
    Superisor: Bárkányi Attila
    Type of work: Board game
    Design: Petrovics Zsuzsanna
    Photos: Hegyháti Réka and Petrovics Zsuzsanna

    The main goal of my degree work was to develop a game, which conveys the idea of ​​sustainability and shapes people's attitude. My personal goal was to create a game which can be fun for each age beside the significance of the message.
    The basis of the game was the fact that people fundamentally live in harmony with nature. Owing to the ongoing interventions this balance is overturned. The main point of the game that works on the principle of balance is to maintain/restore this situation.

    Ages to play: from 10 to 99 year
    From 2 to 6 players
    Game time: about 30 minutes

    The game itself is a storage box, consequently further packaging materials can be saved.

    Parts of the game:
    - playing field (1 item)
    - spherical (1 item)
    - color-topped cones (80 items)
    - product cards (50 items)
    - card holder case (1 item)

    The main goal of the game:
    1. get more points by the end of the game
    2. prevent the game from overturning.

    The game can end in two cases:
    1. When the first player use the given amount of cards. After that everybody can complete their circle and finally they count their points.
    2. When the game is fall over. In this case, there is no winner.

    The playing field is divided into four parts where the actual game takes place.
    The basic method of setting up begins with putting the cones of two opposite sides of the field in a symmetrical way.

    On this website I do not want to give any further details about the game (play mode, game rules) because everything was developed and designed by myself and currently I do not want to give everything out. If somebody has questions about the game feel free to contact me.
    My purpose is to develop this game to put it later into the circulation.

    The product is protected by design registrations.
    The thesis of the game is oficially copyrighted

    All rights reserved © 2012
    Petrovics Zsuzsanna

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