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  • 2003
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  • I have been thinking about this project since I watched the 1st season of "game of thrones", how much resemblance there is between the coat of arms to a logo, family words to a slogan and the vicious race for the iron throne to the race of big firms for the stock market. The common grounds between all of them is creating a strong identity to differentiate yourself from the rest, to show what makes you worthy for the iron throne.
    So I decided to create this project.
    (and to be honest, I had to keep myself busy until season 4 started)
  • Arryn Airlines
  • Baratheon Winery
  • Greyjoy Canned Fish
  • Lannister Luxury Sports Cars
  • Martell Flatware
  • Mormont Camping Gear
  • Stark Cold Weather Outerwear
  • Targaryen Steak House
  • Tully Cruise Lines
  • Tyrell Flowers
  • Night's Watch flashlights
  • Dedicated to all game of thrones fans out there
    Thank You For Watching