GSS is an open source library that leverages JavaScript and HTML5 and is intended to solve UI layout issues, which The Grid describes as one of the most frustrating problems with the Web as a platform. "Bottom line, it's [intended] to really fix the fundamental problems with CSS, particularly with the layout mechanisms within CSS," said Dan Tocchini, main developer of GSS and president/CEO of The Grid. Tasks like centering an element with CSS can be difficult, so companies have to hire persons specialized in dealing with the nuances of positioning and layout with CSS, Tocchini noted. "It's really frustrating. And that's why you see a lot of websites that look the same."

    Colour palette número uno

  • Interactive state options for initial viewport.

  • Colour palette número dos
    Menu overlay / Table of contents

  • Colour palette número tres

    Colour palette número cuatro

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