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International contest we made.

Proposals for Chimera Contest, theme: the trip. 
First prize + honorable mention, we are very happy!
Paratissima is an arts festival that takes place every year in Turin.
Among the many activities in this ninth edition, we decided to sign up for the contest organized by the Enoteca Rabezzana for the creation of a label that could be used for the bottle of their red wine Grignolino.
The result was announced at the closing ceremony and we had the people choice award.
We know you like wine, enjoy.

Novissima is an Italian Contemporary Music Festival organized by three Music Associations based in Turin. These is the proposal we made for the visual identity of the Festival.
This is the poster we made for the Tacoma Film Festival poster competition.
This is our proposal for the contest "Forever Young" at the Giffoni Film Festival 2013.
We ranked in the top 15 of about 700 participants from all over the world.
A great satisfaction even though we did not win!
Two twins want to make a movie. To tell this time. Childhood always together.
A film to rewind and watch over and over again. Until they are aged.
Young forever, with the cinema in their mind.

Through the figure of the "twins" from the symbolic point of view we want to mention the double f in the Giffoni logo. Representing them very young we want to convey a sense of hope.
Another message we want to convey is the one created by the film that contains the two coils in one and infinite film. Two minds a common dream to achieve ...
This is our proposal for the contest "Be different" at the Giffoni Film Festival 2014.
We ranked in the top 50 works among the 600 entries.
FILM COMMISSION TORINO PIEMONTE is an organization that works to promote the territory of Piedmont as part of the movies productions.
FCTP is responsible for providing location and logistical arrangements for the cinema in the region located in the northwest of Italy whose capital is Turin, promoting the territory and providing technical support, strong over one hundred years that the city of Turin plays in the Italian film industry, and its role in the history of cinema.
We have drawn the "Caval ëd Brons" (literally "the bronze horse"), a statue symbol of the city, located in a famous square in the center of Turin.
We have achieved the highest score in the competition but Film Commision has decided not to award the prize to anyone. That's Italy.
This is our entry for the 2013 Art Moves Contest, Poland.
The argument is "Community, support or control?".
For us community is the line between these two status.
This year we decided to join the 2nd International Reggae Poster Contest :
"The goal is simple: create a poster about Reggae Music – the rest is up to your imagination. Designers can come up with in their original poster designs that will capture the energy and vibe of Reggae Music."
We decided to partecipate with two different works because everyone have his own vision about that.
But we helped eachother as usual, so what came out was in "our" style.
The top 100 posters and winners will be printed in the 'World-A-Reggae, International Reggae Poster Contest, 2012-2013' book, showcasing the posters of the two years contest.

EB - climbing the roots of reggae
22nd classified on 100 final selected work

LETAZ - Black Magic