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Geometry Type Design for Education
Graphic design that is not generated solely from a functional hierarchy of information, an eye-catching colour palette, or careful typography, has something more that actively captures our attention and pulls us into a willingness to experience, associate, and think. In this project, each unique geometry type and its dimensional form highlights unique takes on issues of legibility versus illegibility, novel twists on design processes, and new angles on matters of surface versus depth. The book, printed on translucent paper, can function on its purest level as a graphic element such as color, form, line, and shape in a visual composition.
The project’s experiential practice with light, shadow, and paper, with both hands and brains, this outcome defines physicality and modularity as the process of play, experiment, adjustment, and individual judgment. In terms of my professional development, this project enables me to explore and create unexpected combinations of both two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces that transgress the line between art and design. From paper to three-dimensional construction to computer screen, this circular process loops continually, amalgamating three distinct ways of playing.