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  • CORE is a pack of digital works from our artists showcasing their art-piece based on the theme given to them. Each CORE consists of Solo Work of the artist himself and Collaboration Work between the artists. The CORE is released in 2 – 4 months time and in every CORE, we do consider on the quality of the work and we have a critics and comments sessions.

    CORE I is our first CORE, with a theme of “G” suggested by Farhan “Pitfalls” Fadhli. It is a general concept in which every artist need to cope with a letter G in their work piece.

    Check out our site, for more info.

  • G'BUBBLE By Azhan Karim
  • G42 By Muhammad Shameen
  • G'BREAK by Shane Leong
  • BEGINNING By Farhan "Pitfalls" Fadhli
  • G'DAY by Muhammad Syahman
  • G'BLU By Fauzan Malek
  • G'HEAVEN by Shane Leong
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