Logotype, typeface development and exhibition design
  • Client description: Gráfika is an exhibition organized by the Instituto Cervantes, an institution that was founded by the Spanish government in 1991 to promote the Spanish language and the Hispanic American culture.
    Brief: The brief was to create a graphic image for the exhibition in context with the Spanish urban culture. The city is their inspiration and workshop. The exhibition translates what is happening on the walls and streets of our cities to an exhibition hall and explores the global movement called “street art”.
    30 Spanish artists showcase their work on an exhibition of painting, graffiti, art performances, videos, objects, installations and sculptures.
    The challenge is to create a bold clear logo and image avoiding clichés and creating an image that stands out from the artist work.
    Approach and solution: The logotype and typography was developed inspired by the videos documenting street art. As well as the street artists’ faces are pixilated to protect their anonymity; we have pixelated the top of the typography. In addition we used the colors of night vision camcorders throughout the identity.