On the spot cooking and storing

    Tabletop Appliance for Food Storage and Cooking
    - SADI Product Innovation Studio
    - 2013
    Modified and updated 09-01-14
  • Living in this busy society, it's almost impossible to cook and serve on every meal time. We need a more efficient and simple way of serving meals. Fast-food, but the taste should not be compromised.

    In South Korea, low birth-rate and other social/economic issues have arose changes in household structure. Now, single or 2 person family became the most dominant household in Korea. It is always a issue when it comes to eating meals for these families. Normally these people spend very little time preparing meals, especially if they are single, or couples who work together for a living. Time is gold, they prefer simple dinings which require less time and effort.
    Due to the characteristics of Korean style of dining, setting the table with Korean dishes is a very laborious thing to do, especially for singles. That is why they prefer fast and simple meals. But if you look closely at the course of action while preparing the meal, it still doesn’t seem fast nor simple at all.

    Serve your meal without reaching the fridge to take out those lock & locks. Temperatures for each containers can be individually controlled, which helps to keep the foods in perfect condition according to their characteristics. You don't even need to use the microwave to make the foods taste better. If necessary, you can heat up the food before eating it.
  • Composed of 4 storage which could contain any type of food. Each storage can be individually controlled by ‘Tailored food maintenance system’.
    Each storage has their own stainless-steel container which can be detached when cleaning is necessary.
  • Comes in 5 different colors. White, black, blue, red, and black berry.
  • MOCKUP SHOTS (Mockup for previous version model)