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  • I painted a custom fork for a friend's mountain bike. He belongs to a bike crew called "The Mud Eaters".
    I used this name as inspiration, playing with the safety and health hazards this name could imply. I could have have placed a lot more details (moles, barbed-wires, emergency phone numbers...), but decided I did not want to over-ornament the thing more than I already did. Sometimes I don't know where to stop!
  • Health is overrated
  • ... Hence the screw and bone!
  • Yes, a dislocated jawbone is kind of the sign for a good ride for these guys!
  • "Taste my shadow and eat my dust"
  • Worms are roadkill... 13 and still counting.
    Oh, and you can break any bone you want, of course!
  • Got mud?
  • TADAAAAM! Finally in place!
    NB: the dust was not added to make it more real, we shot it after a (dry) ride in the woods.