• Good Death
  • “Good Death” is the Greek root of the word euthanasia.

    The goal of this project was to organize a massive quantity of data in a compelling and memorable way that impacts readers and affects their everyday decisions. The sheer heft of this book, which weighs 10 pounds, makes a lasting impression.

    This book contains the descriptions of 19,710 individual dogs and cats that were euthanatized in
    Los Angeles animal shelters in one year. Pit Bulls and Pit Bull mixes comprised 55 percent of the total dogs euthanatized, while neo-natal kittens comprised 15 percent of the cats euthanatized. The data is presented in a clinical, dispassionate way.

    The first section includes different euphemisms for euthanasia, the agents used, the process, and
    the most common reasons owners surrender their pets. The forms in the pink section are a handwritten log of the personal data for each of the 54 animals euthanatized each day, from January 01 through December 31. The last section proposes a solution to the dilemma by encouraging readers to adopt a pet.

    Course: Information Graphics
    Instructor: Sean Donahue
    Printing, Binding, Illustration: Laurel Geddes
    Photographed By: Andrew Dale
    Dog Tag on Cover: Petsmart
  • The first section provides a list of euthanatizing agents (drugs) and gives step-by-step instructions to perform the procedure. It also lists the top reasons people surrender dog and cats to shelters. The last section encourages the reader to adopt a pet by listing the many health benefits associated with pet ownership.
  • Each pink form is a log of the 54 dogs and cats euthanatized that day. The running year-to-date total is at the bottom of the form.
  • The title on the cover is a dog tag that was purchased and etched at Petsmart.