• Presenting my concept for the album ‘Lucky Shiner’ by Gold Panda; Atmospheric and emotionally resonant electronic music. Gold Panda often draws on a distinct if diffuse Asian influence, employing a wide array of Eastern sounds and timbres — bells, flutes, strings, chanting, percussion, etc. This and specifically the track ‘same dream china’ heavily inspired the direction of my work. It struck me that a Chinese Buddha encompasses all of the themes within the album, fits with the title ‘Lucky Shiner’ and reflects the uplifting tone throughout the album.

    The shots of the temple colour the buddha’s face. I am pleased to have linked all the favorite aspects of my work. Atmospheric environment, sculpture and contemporary design.
  • This project is 1 of 4 albums in a larger project entitled 'Electronic Album Artwork' which can be found here.
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