• True Colours - Working Tool
     Our cooperation with the paper mill Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund, began back in the year 2006. The elegant and superior quality papers inspire our work every day. We were therefore delighted to develop a work and presentation tool for the packaging and cover materials. This tool was presented for the first time at Packaging Innovation 2013 in London, where we had the honour of designing the exhibition stand in the same look. 
    Since the papers offer a wide range of colours and surfaces, we decided to keep the design as reduced as possible. The constructive theme of packaging inspired us to limit the graphic design to the basic shapes circle, square and triangle, and the colour world to black and white. We developed freely combinable patterns and a typography, which also only relies on these elements. In order to demonstrate the diversity of the processing options for both the folding boxes as well as the covered boxes, the pattern books with the paper samples, 4 folding boxes and one circular box are presented in a cassette. The three pattern books are compiled inside a book cover and are held by a centred circular box. The sample books have been finished in the centre with round punching. The folding boxes are printed using both offset and silkscreen techniques in black or white. The exhibition stand picks up the design system and is an absolute head-turner.
  • Photos: Michael Pfeiffer
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