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    Hello everybody! as you know, Glycemix is one of my series of experimental illustration and typography.
    It begin when i was in studying graphic design and the main purposes of it was to have fun, explore new graphic techniques and in some way, show you my vision of what i like.
    This is the final collection. It has a little bit of everything and i hope you can find things that inspire you because, thats my main goal: to do things that could give ideas to people and of course, have a great time making them.
    Hola a todos, Glycemix es una serie de imágenes donde mezclo tipografía e ilustración experimental. La empecé cuando estaba en la universidad y su principal propósito es explorar nuevas técnicas y formas de asumir la gráfica y claro está, divertirme.
    Esta es mi última serie, tiene un poco de las anteriores y espero que encuentren cosas que los inspiren.
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