GHARDAIA, a journey through time

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  • A journey through time.
    Voyage dans le temps, voyage à ghardaia( travel in time, travel to Ghardaia)
    Ghardaia is a tipycal city in the sahara of algeria ...
    we can see the traditions and coutumes of the Ghardaoui (citizens of Ghardaia)
  • Somewhere in the tight streets of beni mzab...we can see the old and reserved architecture, but also the only and very old way of dressing of women there.
  • They were ancient..but take taxi too
  • Here we are with the guide ...who talks to us about all the traditions and some secrets of this amazing city
  • We can see the old dressing of women but also of the little boy
  • Here we are, this is the deadline of the magic and the begining of the real life, in this sook, bordered by a wall, this is where ancient and modern collide.
  • Here's the sook(Market), where mzab trade with the exterior world, as you can see, they even wear traditionnal clothes when they go to school too.
  • Go for a beautiful smile of a little mzabi !
  • There is also street art in Ghardaia.