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My participation in Electrolux Design Lab Contest 2013 / EFFORTLESS CLEANING / Inspired by urban living
ELECTROLUX DESIGN LAB 2013 / effortless cleaning
inspired by urban living
GERMS is a sustainable project inspired by the natural protective actions of bacteria. It deals with cleaning the body and cleaning the home, where hygiene is associated with killing germs. However, we benefit from them everyday because they protect us from infections. Destroying them excessively is now dangerous because our body becomes less resistant. It's necessary to be in harmony with our microbial environment. Therefore, we must maintain a sufficient level of germs, by controlling the level of hygiene and by reducing the amount of detergents that are overused today.
GERMS is composed of 2 complementary elements : a shower tray (user interface) and artificial "germs" that clean your house. By re-using the filtered water of the shower, the "germs" produce steam to clean several surfaces in an autonomous way. Their thin legs ensure precise cleaning of the floor and allow a vertical cleaning for the windows and the mirrors thanks to their nano sucker cups. Their electronic brain lets them communicate with each other to manage their spatial distribution and evaluates the level of hygiene needed while cleaning. When the cleaning tasks are over, the "germs" return under the shower tray (saving space) to be filled with water and to charge the battery by induction. On the surface of the shower tray, you can easily control the user interface with your feet and choose to delay the cleaning sequence.
Inspired by the natural protective actions of germs, your home is now a place where you are in biological symbiosis with your living space.
Little storyboard :
The germs communicate with each other to facilitate hard cleaning tasks. They work together.