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    Poster, flyer, event-series flyer and info sheet for a VE-Day Celebration in Berlin
  • „Germany quits!” was the headline used by The Montreal Star and The Stars and Stripes on May 8th, 1945. The whole design is inspired by old newspapers, trying to combine their unique look with a modern hint, pointing out the currency of the issue. The victory over Nazi-Germany is not celebrated in Germany today and the fight against the it’s historically unique genocide, the holocaust, is rarely appreciated in politics or the media. Instead, nationalism and racism are constantly increasing, becoming more and more socially accepted.

    The format of the poster is likewise based on old American newspaper formats.

  • Poster
  • Staff Sgt. John O’Neil proudly holds the Tuesday, May 8, 1945 GERMANY QUITS headline of Stars and Stripes outside Alconbury Operations Bldg. Photo posessed by 482nd Bombardement Group
  • back of the info sheet
  • Event series flyer
  • info flyer for the rally