Juguetes Reunidos · Exhibition

  • 2078
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  • When we were little we drew all the time, the surface did not care, we just needed some crayons and a lot of time ahead. The sad thing is that we lost this custom over the years until it fades between the sheets … Maybe that’s why when many of us after all this time, take a pen again to draw, we feel so strange, as with an empty feeling, a memory of something experienced, something cool, sweet, unique.

    So, we wanted to be children again, we wanted to re-paint and play like we did with our childhood toys and games, and we wanted to do it in a (more or less) adult, but … how? Inviting different illustrators and designers to develop together a collection of posters that reinterpret black and white toys from our childhood, so that these works were exhibited in a room where (here comes the interesting part) the public could catch color markers to paint and decorate them freely.

    Let’s say that we tried to make an exposure that’s incomplete from the beginning to end, responsibility fell to the hands of the intrepid visitors who left behind the problems, concerns and complex to make way for the imagination and laughter.

    The exhibition was published in various media, including newspaper from Valencia LAS PROVINCIAS and GRÀFFICA.
  • Chris Lago (VOLTIO): Hungry Hippos. Title: “Hippops”
  • Santi Usano (VOLTIO): Tozudo. Title: “Tu antes molabas”
  • Joan Quirós (VOLTIO): Telesketch. Title: “Born to draw”
  • Maria Herreros: My Little Pony. Title: “My Little Pony”
    Elias Taño: Guess Who?. Title: “¿Quién es quién (en el diseño valenciano)?” (Homenaje a Paco Bascuñán)
  • Mercedes DeBellard: Barbie. Title: Un figurín para la experimentación”
    Xavi Lacruz: Cinexin. Title: “More Action!”
  • Paulapé: Lego. Title: “Cinc minutets més!”
    Javier Torres: Risk. Title: “1 unidad de caballería = 5 unidades de infantería”
  • Gonçalo Vidal: Operation. Title: “…un ull de la cara”
    QMAD: Scalextric. Title: “Una última y nos vamos”
  • Pica (Pilar Cabot): Scrabble. Title: “That word doesn´t exist!”
    Mik Baro: Cocodrilo Sacamuelas. Title: “Ejecutivo Sacamuelas”
  • Rafa Armero: Cluedo. Title: “Mamá quiero ser psicópata”
    Igualillo: Masters of the Universe. Title: “Jugar con el malo mola más”
  • Laura Pérez: Playmobil. Title: “Life is so fun”
    Squid&Pig: PinyPon. Title: “Trainspinypotting”
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