• In October 2012 the department of communication of IED Barcelona has required the realization of a 15 seconds motion graphics based on a legend representing a city.

    With Sebastian Matiz Andrade we opted for New York City. Full of fascinating and funny urban legends we decided to tell the legend of the gargoyles of the buildings of New York.

    When the night comes the gargoyles of the building of New York wake up and fly through the city, protecting and bringing peace and love among the citizens of this wonderful city.

    Through this legend we told the multicultural richness of NY and it's ability to hold together so many different cultures.

    We have worked creating and featuring each character...
  • The young rich girl from the upper west side inspired on Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl
  • Sean Brown the Afro-American represented in between of the President Obama and Willy Smith
  • The Naked Cowboy famous artist of Times Square
  • A Free Hugs guy
  • Gogo our Asians represented
  • An Hipster from Brooklyn , Williamsburg or.. everywhere
  • J. Shwartz our Orthodox Jew represented
  • Lisa the typical granmother from the Upper East Side
  • and last but not least our leading actor the Gargoyles
  • These are the movie posters to promote " New York Stories : Gargoyles of NY
    and finally this is the 15 seconds motiong graphic
  • The project was shown at the " Saló de l'Ensenyament" in Barcelona and published on the home page of IED Barcelona and in their vimeo and youtube channels.
  • and these are the free desktop image.