• GAME's Epic Season of Gaming
    Pixel animation & illustration to promote the explosive world of gaming!
    We were asked by the good folks at TBWA London to design a range of Pixel Art Characters and to produce 2x 20 second YouTube pre-rolls for the retail giant GAME and their Epic Season of Gaming campaign, which has been aired online, on television and in print in the run up to Christmas and into 2014. We are proud to have been part of it.

    See below for the first pre-roll 'The Drop'. Check out the footballer's antics ;) !
    You can also check out the second pre-roll 'Xmas Space Invaders' on Behance here.

    The awesome soundtrack and SFXs for both pre-rolls were created by Andy Thomspon from Sounddesign Leeds. Thanks Andy!

  • 'The Drop' 20" pre-roll
    © Game Retail Limited 2013.
  • A right motley crew! Character development promo piece through TBWA for GAME
  • We just had to make this image of Gangster, the car, explosion and the chopper! One of our promotional pieces from the work through TBWA for GAME and their Epic Season of Gaming.
  • To create our 3D Pixel Art Characters, we used Qubicle Constructor by Minddesk. See below for an insight into the process. Make sure you also keep an eye on our Twitter and Facebook feed if you are a fan of the characters, we're not letting on as to why just yet but it will be well worth it..!
  • 2D: Initially a 17x44 pixel image of a pirate was created in photoshop using the pencil tool.
  • Qubicle: Once the pixel artwork is imported in to Qubicle Constructor the pixels are given volume and become voxels within a matrix. From here Qubicle allows the user to select voxels and extrude them within the matrix. This means the model can be given depth and definition in 3D.
  • 3D: Once the 3D voxel model is completed it can be exported as an .obj and brought in to 3ds max as polygons.
  • A simple metallic Vray shader is applied to the robot, with a VrayEdgeTex used as a bump node. This creates a round corners effect without having to alter the 3D model in anyway, and keep polygons down.
    Like any other 3D model, the pirate can now be rigged and rendered.
  • You can also check out the Pixel Robot we created as a test in preparation for this project which gives additional insights into using Qubicle Constructor.
    Thank you to the fabulous TBWA London and GAME- we loved working on this project!
    © Game Retail Limited 2013.
    Represented by Trayler & Trayler, London UK.

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  • Finger Industries 'Pixelart Characters'  © Game Retail Limited 2013.

    Finger Industries are represented by Trayler & Trayler, London UK.

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