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Rebranding of an art gallery in Milan.
GAM - Galleria d'Arte Moderna di Milano
Rebranding of an art gallery
This is the Minor Project I did during my Erasmus period in the UK at UCA - University for the Creative Arts.
 I started from the assumption that in Italy there is a great artistic heritage that is not advertised enough and that the visual image of Italian museums is based on an artistic tradition that is centuries old.  there is need for innovation, in order to succeed and emerge in a contemporary context.
My goal is to increase visits to art museums, predominantly by young people, to raise their awareness of living in a country rich in culture. I chose the “Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Milano” (Modern Art Gallery in Milan) as the place where the project will be realized. 
First of all I did a research about the museum an then I analyzed the current target, comparing it with the target I would like to attract in the future. I looked for inspiration in some museums that I consider innovative in their visual image, such as the Tate Modern in London, MoMA in New York, the Peggy Guggenheim Collection and the Biennale in Venice. The next step was to sketch some proposals for the new logo, that I subsequently realized in vector and applied it on stationery and gadgets with its related graphics.
Finally I realized some of the interior and exterior signage of the museum, trying to maintain consistency with the surrounding environment but to innovate the previous signs.
The name of the building is which is located the gallery is "Villa Reale" and it’s one of the masterpieces of Neoclassicism in Milan. It holds artworks by important members in the Italian Twentieth Century. 
It consists on very traditional graphic elements. Old-fashion fonts, color palette based on light brown and white; the logo looks more like an illustration than like a graphic symbol and the internal/external signage is not graphically treated and often stylistically different from piece to piece.
The Moodboard is a scheme that is used to display the personality of a brand. For each value of the brand I associated an image. The values that the GAM conveys to the public in my opinion are: elegance of the context and the identity; membership in the Italian context for its artistic heritage; the quality of the exhibits and events
proposed by the gallery; classical identity with the aim of transmitting stability; professionalism in the services offered; sobriety of the image to maintain a classical line; tradition with regard to the art collection proposal; to have as objective the cultural enrichment of the public.
This is the moodboard that the GAM will take afer my work of rebranding. 
The values changing will be: up-to date of the Identity and avertising; membership in the Italian context for its
artistic heritage; yuthful for its identity and target audience; contemporary identity with the aim of transmitting innovation and belonging to the current context; dynamism in the services offered; innovation of the image; tradition with regard to the art collection proposal; to have as objective the cultural enrichment of the public.
Some of these values remained the same as before, with the aim in maintain some contacts with the past.
Below there is the comprehensive research on the brand.
There are three possible color palettes for the logo, according to the various art-related events that will take place in the gallery. 
Logo , typography, patterns, stationery and gadgets.
Logo , typography, patterns, stationery and gadgets.
Artwork descriptions, floor indications, reception desk, map, entrance door and event posters.
Below there is the presentation of the project.
Here is the entire rebranding process:
Thanks to Gregorio Poggetti that helped me taking the pictures of the gallery while I was in England.
Thanks for watching!