• G-eco Sustainable running 
  • We as designers have the responsibility to bring quality products to users and people. Now more than ever, we must include a design philosophy based on the analysis of the life-cycle and impact of the products we design.

    G-eco was my graduate project; my proposal was to develope a running shoe made with the less components and the best eco-materials. The project aimed to also find a way to make people think about the impact on envirmoent by watching their consumption decissions and patterns.

    The research pointer to have an object capable to be recycled, collected or in the worst case, disposed and integrated to the enviroment with the less time and impact.

    From certified recycled fabrics to bio-plastics, g-eco makes a difference being an ecological sport accessory without sacrifying aestetics, form and functionality.

    I took the Gecko as my bionic inspiration adding details on the sole and other bodylines.

    I choose adidas as the supporting brand because it is a world-pioneer on this field among its manufacture, research, and distribution capabiliies; a great oportunnity to spread our vision of change.
  •  Full-scale3d-printed model