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  • Fyndig
    Bringing clarity to a complex process
  • Fyndig is a provider of Marketing Execution Technology that helps companies better manage the creation, production, and distribution of branded materials across a field of multiple users. The process is customized for each customer depending on endless variables and can come across as complex and confusing.

    I designed a direct and clean brand strategy using a two-color palette to visually define Fyndig's process. The logo mimics a dictionary word begging to be defined. An icon system inspired by Fyndig’s key benefits was created to categorize their capabilities.
  • Fyndig is Swedish for clever, resourceful, and inventive. These attributes are used to define it's service on the pocket folder.
  • The company icons are a clean, simple, and visual way to communicate the Fyndig process and core benefits. Their style reinforces the Fyndig brand which is all about streamlined efficiency
  • Playful and direct copy writing was utilized to reinforce Fyndig's ease of use.
  • The sales inserts use a clear and concise approach to highlight the Fyndig benefits and processes.