PHIClient / Independent Venture

    Phi is the Greek letter whichdenotes the golden ratio. It’s a symbol of harmony and proportion and so Ichose it as a name for a new line of furniture which I would look to distributeas part of an architect’s or interior designer’s composition and not as a standalone furnishing.

                   Theinitial designs for the line take inspiration from ancient Egyptian objects,this culture having always been of special interest to me. The frames areassembled of stainless steel profiles cut by laser with a silver brand encrusted so its blackening will reflect the furniture’s age. Stainless steelwas chosen for its recycled content and microfiber suede upholstery for its durability and easy cleaning, yet other materials are still being considered.

                   The line at the moment consists of a flexible loveseat with different upholsteryoptions and a matching coffee table, and a curving modular sofa and matchingrocking chair.