Functional Drug Abuse - An Information Campaign

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  • Functional Drug Abuse
    An information campaign
  • This campaign was a classroom project aimed at raising awareness about the problem of functional drug addiction in the workplace. This campaign addresses the mistaken notion that drug addicts are criminals, homeless and raised in a poisonous environment. It tries to bring to light the fact that drug addicts are largely functional members of society. 

    As users become addicts, their addiction takes over their life and all their other priorities fall by the wayside. Addicts cannot control their habit and addiction can only be cured with proper help and support.
    It is the duty of their coworkers, friends and family to help them improve their quality of life.

    > Target Audience - Friends and coworkers of addicts. Not the addicts themselves. 
                                Mainly people working in the IT segment / Spaces such as IT parks.
  • Poster, Pamphlet and Pledge card