Full Vehicle Wraps [#o2] ~ 2010-2012

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  • The vehicles below were wrapped between 2010 & 2012; they belonged to various business owners of whom are local to the Idaho area and its many cities, primarily Meridian, Boise, Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell and Eagle.
  • Below is 1 of 3 trailers of which are wrapped identically & belong to Idaho's Fish & Game Dept. The trailers are being used in a children's fishing/outdoors program that started a couple summers ago. It's actually pretty awesome- all that they do with the kids in mind. 
    The artwork is that of Ward Hooper, a well-known artist here in Idaho.
  • design: Ward Hooper
    produce & install: Daryl Wolfe
  • People in Idaho are intrigued with wraps, unlike the bigger cities in other states where they're everywhere.
  • Kendall Ford bought Meridian Ford-and rather than re-wrapping the Transit, I managed to change the phone numbers, website addresses and logo without peeling a thing! That saved them a good amount of dough.
  • Joe owns Cherry's Consignment-in fact he owns the whole plaza the Cherry's is in. He also runs for Representative of State (I think that's the title) during the political races and over-all he is a good guy with a good family. To cut costs, we started wrapping his furniture-moving trailer in cheap yellow vinyl, then we put large black text to fill up the space (not pictured yet, hopefully soon!) then once the campaigns are finished, he peels it all off and it's back to business.
  • This Jetta is white if you can believe it. I wrapped it flat black and did up the wheel faces bright green. This car was a gift from some parents to college-bound son. Lucky....