Fuck Yeah Summertime

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  • Bring On Summer. NEW Style entitled "UltraBubbleGumViolence"

    decided to go all out and make a piece ideal for a hot sweaty summer. inspired by retro lettering i took the known "Bello" font and modified it to create this ode for a fun-filled summer.

    I've actually had this concept in my head since last September but have only had the time to start working in the last few weeks. I knew i had to focus 100% to get it right, it started out as a simple vector idea but kept deciding it should be more and more fresh & detailed
    100% PhotoShop(no tablet). I'ts been a while since i submitted some typography and this signifies the beginning of the proper summer season and MUCH more work to be released (hopefully) by me from now 'til September. Stay Tuned. Peace.

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