• Fruit Kokeshi Dolls
    Fruit Kokeshi Dolls is a collection of 10 dolls that habour the spirit of good health, happiness and creativity, inspired by the love of fruits and kokeshi dolls. These include strawberry, peach, grape, apple, orange, pear, lemon, mangosteen, cherry and mango.
    Fruit Kokehsi Dolls is a reminiscence of precious Japanese collectable wooden dolls with a humorous, quirky, fruity twist. Each doll has an enlarged head wearing an individually styled fruit as a headdress. Their body, a simple, convex trunk has illustrated fruit details reflecting the fruit on their head. The face on each doll is marked with a cheerful smile, wide set eyes and dotted pink cheeks. 

  • Strawberry Kokeshi Doll
    Strawberry Kokeshi Doll is exceptional, outstanding and loves fame.

  • Peach Kokeshi Doll
    Peach Kokeshi Doll has a warm, fuzzy character.

  • Grape Kokeshi Doll
    Grape Kokeshi Doll has a quirky, bubbly character.

  • Apple Kokeshi Doll
    Apple Kokeshi Doll has a shining personality and strength in character.

  • Orange Kokeshi Doll
    Orange Kokeshi Doll is bright and sunny with a cheery character.

  • Pear Kokeshi Doll
    Pear Kokeshi Doll has a soothing character, is cool and calming.

  • Lemon Kokeshi Doll
    Lemon Kokeshi Doll has a loud, powerful voice with a heart of gold.

  • Mangosteen Kokeshi Doll
    Mangosteen Kokeshi Doll is sweet and loves things of luxury.

  • Cherry Kokeshi Doll
    Although Cherry Kokeshi Doll is small in stature, it has super rich qualities and is prosperous.

  • Mango Kokeshi Doll
    Mango Kokehshi Doll has a delightful character, warm and sunny.

  • Fruit Kokeshi Dolls
    The compilation.