Frozen Food To Frozen Organs. Birds Eye?! [CONCEPTUAL]

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  • If Birds Eye Did Organ Donation?!
  • Front with dispatch sicker on it being sent to Great Ormond Street Hospital for example.
  • Organ Packaging
  • For this brief each class member had to work in pairs and, I was paired up with Tom Baker. Each pair were given a brand to work with. Tom and I, where given the frozen food company Birds Eye to work with as a brand. For the brief we had to regard the brand values of the company and create a new product for that company, that would composite all the companies existing brand values. This was to show that we really understood the brand we where given to work with. Not only that but we had to stretch it as far as one could whilst still feeling real (think Virgin going from CD's to airlines and holidays). Birds Eyes brand values were as follows:

    Due to these brand values and some research we came up with the idea of organ donation and because of new technology based in Japan. It is now possible to fast freeze organs without damaging the tissues cells, by using magnets to vibrate the water particles stopping them from forming ice crystals. This would then stop the waste of donated organs as they only have a life span  of 4-5 hours. By freezing them they could be kept longer, matched up with patience more accurately and flown all around the world. This would completely eradicate the waiting lists of the NHS in the UK alone.
  • The sticker surrounding the capsule and works like an airline luggage sticker. Strong made from plastic and the unique bar code to that organ can be peeled off by courier, Doctor etc, and scaned for info.
  • The organ gets vacuum packed and suspended in between 2 clamps in the capsule lid. This prevents the organ from any impact and coming into contact with any thing after freezing.

  • Big Capsules.
  • The Range.
  • The first problem to solve was to make the logo more fitting for a medical purpose and to make it work harder as a mark across different media by its self or as a complete logo. We took inspiration form the DNA helix among other things and took the text out of the logo to make it a more versatile mark.
  • Advertising Strategy
  • The first problem why people are not becoming a donor is the card. It contains a list of organs that people read through and it's putting people off because they are reading though it and they then have a mental image of them selves lying on a steel table being hacked to bits.
  • Old Donor Card.
  • New Donor Card and New Solution.
  • Have one card just tick yes and save 8 lives. It take no time at all and we worked out that 1 donor will save up to 8 lives. Anybody can be a hero.
  • Anybody can be a hero. Be proud a rough example of how the logo can work harder and by its self.
  • A More Optimistic Approach for a Donor TV Ad.
  • This was a concept to TV ad to show how easy it would be to donate time wise. We thought that current ad's of this nature are too pessimistic and try to make people feel guilty. Our new approach was to show how easy it is to just tick yes compared to every day things we do like tying your shoes and making a cup of tea. Save 8 lives and be a hero. Simple!!
  • Print.
  • Birds Eye's Original Logo, Branding And Packaging.
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