• Friendly clock
    Дужелюбный будильник
  • He wakes up earlier than everyone, so he can support his family with advices and appeals to live, to love and to eat in time. And when the night falls and it is dark outside, he talks about love blushing and closes his ears!:)

    Он просыпается раньше всех, что бы сорповождать своих домашних обитателей, советами и призывами - жить, любить и во время подкрепляться.А когда наступает ночь, и темнеет в окнах, он, краснея, говорит о любви и закрывает уши!:)

  • Industrial designers try to make your life easy by creating a various innovative clocks. And their innovation lies not only in its design and the way they show the time. But also in additional features. Like in these timepiece “Friendly Clock” created by Russian designer Maxim Maximov. “Friendly Clock” displays your everyday schedule, which keeps changing with each passing hour according to your daily routine. All you need to do is install your timetable for the day and clock will display it with time on its surface to keep you updated about your routine tasks.