Freshwater: how do we manage it?

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  • Water has an important role in the ecological and socio-politicalglobal systems; for this awareness many studies have enhanced duringthe years to determinate drivers that may influence in negative orpositive way water resources management.

    Water use is linked to a very complex system, in which climaticfactors (like precipitation, temperature, floods, droughts and others)and non-climatic drivers (like population, economy, politics,life-style and others) influence each other.

    The whole water resources system is closely related to temperaturechanging over the years, as well as population changing.
    The temperature variations affect the performance of all climaticagents related to water resources and water use by humans.
    The population growth affects water demand for all sectors, although,there is an increasing of waste water quantity over the years. Butit's also affects the pollution trend, which in turn influences thewater resources themselves. Therefore, the water management plays akey role in water use and in adaptation strategies to preventwater-related environmental disasters.

    All these factors are veryimportant considering that over the years there has been a constantprecipitation trend, compared to the raise of temperature andconsequently the evaporation increase, reducing at an alarming ratethe amount of freshwater.
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