Freezelight for Dirol Senses

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  • Dirol Senses Freezelight experience
    Digital work devoted to the launch of the new chewing gum
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    To launch the new chewing gum Dirol Senses in the most amazing digital way.

    Target au
    Everyone who enjoy chewing.

    Brand equity
    Release your senses

    We offer people to create their own freezelight music show they can record and share. Each pack color code got its own freezelight color and the electronic track. Everything you need is to switch your webcam on and move with hand holding the pack. So you can impress not only your sence of taste but also vision and hearing.

  • Result in 7 weeks
    163 000 unique visitors. 
    14 500 videos recorded.
    1250 sent for the competition.
    The new ultimate experience is associated with Dirol Senses.

    Saatchi Russia
    CR Stuart Robinson, AD Aleksander Bazhenov, CW Tanya Moseeva
    Digital Producer: Yury Marin, Anna Chaplygina
    Account team: Olga Staritchenko, Ia Janjgawa, Evgenia Koroleva