Freepress stand

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  • Imagine magazine
  • Project is completed and stands can be seen in selected locations around the city of Larisa, Greece. 
  • Perspective view of the stand with magazines stacked inside. 
  • In order for people to be able to easily read the name of the magazine from a distance, the letters had to be of contrasting colour to the surrounding metal surface. That could be achieved by use of a foil that would wrap the entire stand, but it would be susceptible to vandalism. Another way would be for the letters to be painted on by hand in a contrasting colour, but this would be an expensive solution without offering anything more in terms of quality or durability compared to the cheaper alternative of covering the entire stand with a printed sticker. Eventually a decision was made for the stand to be constructed by interlocking metal sheet parts that are pre-painted to two contrasting colours, thus achieving the required result. Designing these interlocking parts was a challenge, but assembly was easy.  
  • Rear 3/4 view of the stand (photorealistic impression). 
  • The stand is assembled by a total of five parts that have previously been accurately designed in Autocad, cut in high definition plasma cutter, folded and painted in two colours according to the Client's requirements. No welding is thus possible in any part of the assembly process. Assembly is only done by rivets and self-locking tabs.  
  • The above drawing translated to machine language and then cut exactly as it can be seen on the layout. 
  • Welding was only possible prior to priming and painting and only between parts that would eventually be of the same colour. 
  • Assembly line
  • Finished product
  • Rear 3/4 view of the finished product. The stand is in no way water tight or air tight but it is rain proof.